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How to become desirable for men?

How to become desirable for men?
Desirable for men wants to become, perhaps, any representative of the fair sex. And it's not just about girls who are in the so-called active search. Yes, even married or in a serious long-term relationship ladies dream of becoming desirable for men. And the point here is not that they will go to the left, but that feeling the views of the opposite sex, full of desire, a woman blooms and becomes much more confident.

Every representative of the fair sex should know and always remember one simple rule. Only a beautiful, well-groomed and liberated woman can be desirable. This means that the way to win in this area is hard work, perseverance, self-belief and, of course, the rejection of some habits, which, however, can hardly be called useful. In some cases, in order to become desirable, it is necessary to completely reshape the usual way of life, or, in other words, to get out of your favorite comfort zone. In any case, in order to understand how to become desirable for men, you should first find out what female traits and behaviors of the stronger sex do not like, so as not to make mistakes when creating an ideal female image.

What kind of woman would men not want?

What kind of woman would men not want?
Men are repelled by women who do not watch their appearance at all. This does not mean that you need to immediately rush to all the newfangled trends. No. Here we are talking about the fact that for attractiveness it is quite enough that the clothes were neat, neat, combined with each other and modestly highlighted the advantages of the figure, hiding its own shortcomings. Excessive wearing of trousers and jeans, equally act on men repulsive.

Speaking about the necessary physical data, for female attractiveness, we mean not some standard dimensions or shapes, but a General healthy physical condition. Men in any case will not pay attention to women with a sickly appearance. This applies to hair, teeth, complexion, swollen waist fat deposits, smooth skin, healthy nails. Of particular importance in this matter is the proportionality of the figure. A woman can be absolutely any height, size and weight. But if her figure is disproportionate, it affects the attention of the opposite sex negatively.

The General mental state of a woman is also a very important factor. Naturally, everyone is well aware that in our time it is absolutely not possible to always be in a good mood and a positive mood. But a woman should always have a positive attitude. Any sane man will sidestep a woman who is in perpetual depression and whining about how "she and around everything is bad" all the time. Also repulsive are women who are always dissatisfied with everything, who harass their relatives and others with groundless and regular carping. In communication and relationship with men, emotional uncontrolled outbursts of mood are categorically unacceptable. Even if this happens, preference will be given to the woman who is able to keep himself in hand and not "take it out" on his partner. Attempts to manipulate a man, usually end in tears. In 90% of 100%, a man will leave such a lady, and the rest of the stronger sex will stay away from her as far as possible.

The lack of a woman's craving for household chores, desire and ability to cook and create comfort around her is also a negative factor. Anyway, the opinion that a woman is the Keeper of the family hearth and home, was, is and will be. Accordingly, the chances of winning the attention of men from those of the fair sex, who categorically do not know how and do not want to learn to cook and do household chores, zero.

A repulsive circumstance will be for a strong representative of the Planet and the lack of any woman's personal interests, Hobbies and activities. Those who do not have their own life, those who do not want to continue to grow and develop, do not cause interest in people and especially in men. They want to see a woman who is self-sufficient in all areas. Or at least one that aspires to be so.

The main areas of work with their own attractiveness.

The main areas of work with their own attractiveness.
If a woman does not feel confident, loved and desired, it is time for her to work on her own attractiveness. Yes, Yes! It to work. Because, in one day and at the wave of a magic wand, it is not possible to get it. Female attractiveness consists of many main factors and directions.

First of all, men are interested in those women who know how to present themselves and look good. This refers to a neat and well-groomed appearance. It is not necessary that the girl was a top model or looked like a model. The main thing is not to overdo it with makeup and watch your appearance. This applies to the face and hands and clothes and shoes. Clothes should be neat and tidy. There is no need for expensive new items from the latest fashion collection. This can be a blouse bought at the market or shoes purchased at a sale. It is important that all these elements of clothing are harmoniously combined with each other, do not hit the eyes with their brightness and absurdity. The same applies to physical data. Everything should be in moderation. You need to watch your hands and figure. In this case, women and girls will be well helped by such things as beauty salons and fitness centers. If you do not have the appropriate knowledge in the field of makeup, manicure and other cosmetic procedures, it is best to trust the professionals. The same applies to sports exercises. It is much more effective and safer to turn to coaches and specialists than to rely on the advice of a neighbor or friend. After all, each person has individual physiological characteristics. And exercises that suit one person can hurt another.

Special love of the male half, enjoy women who radiate not only self-confidence, but also positive. So to say "Sunny mood". And every man necessarily wants to bask in the rays of such a "sun". Of course, every person has their own problems in life, and it is simply unrealistic to always be on a positive wave. But the ability to hide from prying eyes their problems and fatigue is very useful.

Character is also a major factor in attractiveness. Weak-willed people who are guided by the opinion of others and are not able to carry certain moral and moral values, will never become the "soul of the company" and "desirable woman". Men especially pay attention to those girls who, along with the looseness of our century, retain the image and essence of loyalty and devotion to their partner. Maintaining a reasonable line between light flirting and Frank intimacy in dealing with a man is especially important in the first couple of communication and relationships in a couple.

Today, choosing a woman as a faithful companion of life, men pay more attention to those persons who are not only ready, but also know how to earn money. Windiness and sitting on the neck of her husband is no longer relevant. Men quickly get tired of such ladies and prefer to spend a short time with them for entertainment. But purposeful young ladies, capable of independent life and providing for their needs, undoubtedly attract them.

In order to develop attractiveness, a woman does not necessarily have to visit various SPAS and beauty salons for days on the fly. The main thing is to work on yourself as a person, develop, have certain goals in life and go to them. At the same time, it is necessary to monitor both yourself and your reputation in society.
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How to seduce any girl?

Women love with their ears
What do these ears want to hear?

All the girls are very fond of different trusting conversations. Trust your cutie some little secret, even if just invented. From the first meeting, help her feel smart, exceptional, in General, the rare person who can be trusted. Fine, if you can get her to empathize with you by telling you about some problem that's been bothering you. Any girl such confidence will be very pleasant and you will earn a lot of advantages in her eyes. Small secrets are very close.
Be persistent and charming
The girl is always impressed by men who know what they want. Even if they want to seduce the girl herself. All the more that this it will flatter and will make slightly more compliant. Be charming to a girl. This weapon in the hands of a skilled seducer can work wonders! And of course be persistent. It is not so easy to refuse to the persistent and charming man who wants the girl and without hiding persistently achieves it.
Learn to listen
Any girl likes to be listened to. Talk less. Listen to what she says and in every way to show her sincere interest in her stories, occasionally sticking: Really???! Wow! Very interesting! I didn't know!
Any attentive listener is always endowed with positive qualities only because it makes the interlocutor feel that she is a very interesting, intelligent person. This skill must be mastered.
Use sign language
Do not hesitate to use long-proven methods of non-verbal adjustment to the interlocutor. Breathe the rhythm of her breathing, otzerkalivat gestures. Many techniques of influence on a person are based on the formation of the desired image in the subconscious of the interlocutor by using simple techniques of sign language. And the same gestures in the subconscious create the illusion that you absolutely agree in all views. "You and I are one blood!"as they say in the famous work. And the girl will be able to relax, knowing that with you she can not be afraid of anything, because you are on the same wavelength.
Use a seductive look
It is known that during communication with the partner who causes in us strong desire, our pupils expand. This is very skillfully used by pickups in the case of seduction. Use this physiological fact that affects the subconscious of the girl. Look into the distance, and then straight into her eyes – pupils, changing their size, show desire.
Romantic dinner
Candlelight dinner at your house should be the last step in achieving the goal. If you managed to bring the girl to his home, then consider it 70% of the way to the goal.
All women are very impressed by men who know how to cook. Do not be lazy to cook something tasty, at least, order somewhere delivery of this tasty home.
After dinner, when the girl is already bewitched by the romanticism of the situation and is under a strong impression, go to the touch. If you are unable to tuck it right under the pretext of a massage, don't be a stranger – take her hand and offered to tell fortunes. You will get a great opportunity to caress the hand, which contains a huge number of erogenous zones, the impact of which should be the last step in the seduction. In addition, all the girls are very fond of men prone to mysticism and different palmistry – they seem to be extremely intelligent, mysterious and sexy.
In conclusion, divination tell her something like: - Judging by the lines, you finally met the man of her dreams!
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