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    Minimum investment amount

    Minimum investment starts from 0.005 Bitcoin (BTC). It’s easy to begin with small amount of money.

    Best referral system

    Referral bonus – 50% for the first deposit from your referral, 5-10% for the following deposits.

    Fast payment

    The profit you receive is transfered with a high fee (we pay this fee), due to this while receiving payment you do not have to wait blockchain confirmations for a long time.


    Bitcoin Doubler – What is It

    Cryptocurrency is gaining today much popularity, economic importance and weight. The most prominent representative is Bitcoin – the progenitor of all existing cryptocurrencies. Despite the fact that its price is unstable in the recent time, as a result of negative influence of many countries` governments, Bitcoin doesn’t lose its authority and influence on the global economy and even the policy. Someone may claim that BTC is dying, but let`s bethink about its price a couple years ago – it was $700. Right, Bitcoin isn`t so firm as Dollar or Gold. Nevertheless, this fact doesn’t mean that the cryptocurrency must be ignored, on the contrary, you must forge iron while it’s hot!

    By dint of Doubler you can increase any amount of your bitcoins with no technical skills, practice or wish to work much and hard. We are going to consider how we make our and your profit.

    Bitcoin Doubler guarantees success, because our method of work brings income to investors in any situation.


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