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0 Samar #
2 june 2018 in 17:29
Just dying to drug and gang rape my sister at least once while she is unconscious and is used and abused for at least 6-8 hours and creampied multiple times...
Heck i'd sell my soul to the devil just so i could do that
0 india #
6 june 2018 in 10:42
i can
20 august 2019 in 11:11
0 spsycho #
23 october 2019 in 08:36
oh you are a sister fucker.
0 Mr. fucker #
3 august 2018 in 02:11
Count me in on the gang rape.
0 blossum999 #
15 august 2019 in 01:07
rape me please
0 Youngtightpuss #
5 december 2019 in 03:28
Use and abuse me.
0 want rape someone #
7 august 2018 in 04:29
I join the gang rape toó ^^
0 boss #
11 august 2018 in 02:26
you all can rape my hot 17 yr old niece
0 df4a69 #
4 january 2019 in 14:45
How hot is she? Would you be watching only, or joining in?
0 yab #
11 august 2018 in 11:28
love to fuck teen girls
0 Anon #
12 september 2018 in 11:04
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0 delta #
29 november 2018 in 01:44
0 Hrnyhusband #
18 september 2018 in 03:30
I would love to see my wife get raped.
0 df4a69 #
4 january 2019 in 14:41
Where do you live? Maybe we can arrange something.
0 Hrnyhusband #
18 march 2019 in 03:38
USA. Indiana
0 vampier1 #
27 november 2019 in 00:59
can i rape her pretty please
0 Incest #
29 september 2018 in 17:24
Want to do that with mom
0 Dad4blacks #
16 october 2018 in 03:25
Would love to strip my daughter and let a bunch of blacks fuck her and use her. Would do anything to have my cock in her ass while the bulls pound her pussy and mouth. Is it possible to get this to happen?
0 Just do it #
6 november 2018 in 19:40
if yng enough, take her into mens public restroom. jam something in the stall door so it won't latch closed and leave it cracked to guys can see in. pull down her panties and let them see. you will quickly find men to fuck her. if caught, simply say the door wouldn't lock...
0 jon #
23 december 2019 in 15:21
I am not black but I wouldlove to fuck her.. How old is she? Maybethe act can be taped.
0 JustAGirl #
25 october 2018 in 02:02
Is it weird to want to be gang raped?
Because I really want to... If someone is willing to do that I would love it
0 anonymous #
21 november 2018 in 05:36
When and where?
0 RR #
11 december 2018 in 11:52
i can get a bunch of guys if you want. tell your details
0 theeman #
18 march 2019 in 04:05
Im down
0 deecee #
19 april 2019 in 00:45
Nuthin weird about it. Curious girls play all the time. Finding the right EXPERIENCED Sir/co-ordinator is the thing....
0 cock #
5 december 2018 in 18:06
I want to rape a dwarf girl
0 LahealthyMoon #
23 december 2018 in 09:02
I want to be raped lol im a virgin
0 Ann #
25 january 2019 in 13:34
Allow me to do that
0 Johnson #
30 december 2018 in 12:02
Would love to pull down those fuckin teen girls/ladies with short yoga shorts, not before smelling their asses, just drive it up and smell it real hard.
0 Cindy #
30 december 2018 in 22:59
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0 johndo #
12 january 2019 in 22:52
I what to get my niece and her sis rape hard my niece is 13 yo long hair and a perfect ass
0 jon #
23 december 2019 in 15:25
I would be glad to.. How old is her sister?
0 jodigurl #
25 january 2019 in 05:59
I want to be kept padlocked collar and chained to the confinement of my bedroom and force feminized feed femal hormones and broadcast online getting used by as many men as will pay u. I live with my mom but have s lock on my bedroom door. Need someone that would take over and control me that would even expose the fact im a sissy crossdresser that loves cock and is being molded unto a tranny. Just tell here im yours you take my house key and start coming and going as u please bringing guys over to use me. And mom wont ever see me because you dont want me to leave the room or even open th3 door plus chain wont allow me too. Chain me bent over and have a line using my ass and mouth. Make me your property. Txt me 7026379014. I live in las vegas k. Basically im looking to be pimped and used like a sex fuck toy. While mom is at work you will have me cooking cleaning and taking orders serving you and all your friends. Make movies of me your fuck toy getting raped that break records and let me live to sayisfy your needs
0 kamal #
9 february 2019 in 22:59
agh! that's pretty good
i want to rape much girls
how can me contact you
0 anonymous #
20 february 2019 in 03:57
I've wanted nothing more than to violently rape my partner's sisters since we got together, they are 15, 17 and 20. Two skinny, blond and pretty one fat and annoying I just want to fuck her daft slag face until she passes out. Oh, the things I would do to her youngest sister though. If I honestly thought I could get away with it she would be my little baby, locked away for my use only until her baby is if age and then its the same fate
0 Anon #
12 august 2019 in 11:42
My friends little sister is just about 8 and im dying to rape her. just pull her aside one day while she is at school and tell her that her dad wanted me to pick her up and then tie her up and stuff her full.
0 rape that 8yr old #
14 august 2019 in 17:31
if you do rape her sister(which I %100 recommend you do) you should record it and post the link here so me and other people can watch it
0 jon #
23 december 2019 in 15:29
Perfect age to rape her.. I would love to do so too..
0 qinclo #
31 august 2019 in 19:51
who got some rape childporn linkS?
0 Hussar #
10 september 2019 in 07:08
My fantasy is to be kidnapped, tied up, gagged and raped, but since I'm a man nobody wants to do it, I'm 17 years old
0 james #
22 september 2019 in 01:10
Same. 13 though
0 dick #
16 september 2019 in 22:50
give me the watch
0 looking for someone #
25 september 2019 in 01:26
I'm looking someone that lives in Vancouver Canada so they can rape a 15yr girl that I used to know her name is Kaitlyn Druin or something like that I don't know much about her now but I know that she has nice jugs
0 ;) #
5 october 2019 in 18:04
does anyone here have any links for murder/rape for free, asking for a friend;)
0 sa #
6 october 2019 in 00:19
Does anyone has acces to free teen porn like 16 or something
0 James #
8 october 2019 in 21:21
Dying to be kidnapped and raped. 13 years old. Live in Huddersfield and my number is 07960293052
0 Sowrupa #
14 october 2019 in 12:04
Hey man, I am sowrupa. I am 19 Y/O Girl from India. My number is +91 9443397687
0 s #
31 october 2019 in 09:44
are u a man or a girl, bcoz that sounds fishy
0 rj #
9 november 2019 in 15:53
which state?
0 DarkLust #
18 october 2019 in 17:45
I want to rape a sexy teen girl and kill her. Nothing like the pleasure of sexual murder
0 Tightyoungpuss #
5 december 2019 in 03:40
That’s my dream.
0 PUtao #
21 december 2019 in 03:15
I want real rape videos
0 Young 16 year old boy #
28 december 2019 in 06:20
If anyone wants to come snatch me up after school you can sexually use me however you please. I live in New Orleans area and I just want to escape this sex-less life. Comment if you want to use me and I'll arrange something with you. I'm into being gang raped by a group of any.
0 15 year old slut #
12 january 2020 in 12:39
I'd love to, shame I'm in Ireland
0 DarkDark #
10 january 2020 in 20:00
i really want to rape girls
how to do that without get knowing by her ?
0 Louis #
14 january 2020 in 20:26
I'd like to rape a girl or beeing raped by a girl. I'm from Germany and I'm dominant and a slave at the same time